who says its farewell?

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

everytime i stay at home… i wonder if i should.. sometimes very mao dun… when i’m not at home.. my mom says i never accompany her… i’m always not home.. blah blah blah… but when i’m at home… she says i make her feel lazy.. i’m not helping her out… blah blah blah… haiz.. what to do?

DiD batch 2 family… i never thought that i would have friendship so crazy before… haha… that kind of feeling u get realising that u don’t see them everyday now… its kinda weird…

or rather…

maybe it because i never really missed anyone before… so i guess i’m not used to the “missing” feeling…

i guess it take another round of getting use to now… since i’m still auto waking up at 5 plus for the past 2 weeks… which gets a little irritating… even though i like the wake-up-but-can-go-back-to-sleep feel… =p

i think leaving DiD also gives me the first feel of yi yi bu she… i seriously seriously seriously didnt feel this before.. really.. cannot recall any moment with this feeling…

the person whom i yi yi bu she over… i shall not say la.. confidential =p

i thought i have no feelings towards him… i guess i’ll keep it at that… its kinda weird… maybe its just friends like or brother like… or i dunno what kind of like… i know cant see us together and all.. cause i cant too.. =p but oh well…

since ambiguity is his middle name… i shall keep my feelings ambiguous too… its better this then trying to dig again… which is no good *shake head* =p although no matter what, i still have the curious streak in me… but since curiosity kills… i dont want to murder myself once again… so shall pull in this urge to find out once again… and think of what to do with my problematic jaw.. as well as… concentrate on getting the motivation to lose weight… =p.. i told myself i’ll exercise once DID ends to maintain my weight loss during DID (no, my weight loss is not due to torture…=p) but haiz.. to easy to formulate excuses… so i shall really really really start next week.. =p.. i’m gonna go swim… when its not raining… cause gymming is to ex le.. =p

ok la.. thats all.. i feel like i’m typing crap.. =p

and oh p.s. i’m really really loving my 88 colour palette.. =p

and p.s.s lets hope i can successfully buy my iphone… and not have to spend it on treatment for my jaw.. if its so.. i’m really really gonna be very sad…

byeee~! =p


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