what on earthn do u want me to do?

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

forget it.. i’m not trying anymore… dont say i attitude… i’m not gonna stay at home anymore… if not being at home makes u happier when u occasionally sees me at home for dinner… then i rather stay out…

not matter what u also can have something to say about my presence… then i rather stay out.. so that i dont have to hear so much…

i’m happy that the holidays are ending… cause i dont have to stay at home anymore…


  1. Li Ru says:

    Are you alright yi siew?

    • yisiew says:

      yup yup… =) just fa xie-ing.. =D

      • Li Ru says:

        hmm, 🙂 chill.. if it’s family, they love us but they have flaws too. They may sound harsh and unreasonable but they may not know how to express their love and concern correctly. I experienced it too… well, take care ok! 😀

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