First day of sch?

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

yup.. tues.. and its first day of sch..

feels weird…

lets hope this passes…

many things are better left unsaid… but cant blame me… i’m born with the curious streak… so i shall endure and see how long i can be un-curious (=p new word by me!)

haiz… now that i blog about it i gotta keep thinking…

oh well…

forget it… hee hee

remembered someone was so surprise that when i wanna get over something… i can and will (is it wee or sy?) haha forgot… anyway… i think i can only zui shang suo suo only… there are many many many many many times when i just cant take it… and forget myself… haha.. too many times to count.. that i’m not caring anymore… soo… i’m gonna act natural! =p yup =D

ps… always seeing 11:11… should i believe that this is the time when wishes come true? but theres not much wishes to make… or should i believe that someone is thinking of me at this time?


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