Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

got nothing much to blog about… dont even know what to blog about… bout this post would most prob be my whining and bitching.. and complaining.. so if u dont wanna add on to ur bad day or just plain not interested… pls dont continue reading =)

i think have a lot on my mind… think is the keyword.. because i dunno whats on my mind…

and super dont feel like going home.. like almost everyday… its irritating..

jiu like forever in a stone mood… da bu qi jing shen lai… especially after i completed the list of assignments and their due date… its… ghastly… horrifying.. and etc etc.. cannot really find the right word to describe…

just feel like crying and screaming my head off.. and its only the 2nd week of sch… can u believe it?!!!!!!!!




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