Surprise surprise…

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

haiz.. i damn bad now that i think i really hate kids.. well maybe not to the extreme of hate.. but just dislike them… i used to interact with them a lot.. now.. i really dont wish to go near them or talk to them.. realised this when at work today… then now i’m thinking.. how am i gonna survive the next 3 days? when today is the first day only and i’m like glancing at my watch now and then wishing time passes quickly…

never thought i would become like that.. haiz… this is really bad.. now that my everyday is like spent in dread.. why did i even chose to work? =(

oh well.. life…

gosh.. so looking forward to class on thurs.. cause it will mark the end of my horror! =( haiz…



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