My Anata…

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

listening to this song now… its cheerful.. but.. i’m not..

haiz.. i think my time of the month is coming soon… keep having that sickening feel of depression… dont feel like doing anything.. just feeling like plugging on my mp3 and escape into oblivion… how nice if i can do that?…

year 3 sem 2.. is like hell… got no feel to study now… its bad… =(

i havent even started on many assignments yet can! =(

dunno if this will work or not.. but will delete this is it doesnt… anyway… haiz.. aiya.. dunno la… =( just.. this kind of time will suddenly think back… its irritating cause after that, i need to spend double the amount of effort to remind myself… but i still think its not meant to be… so… i’m telling myself to give up

edited.. apparently.. colour coding it doesnt work.. but.. i’m just leaving it there.. this is my blog.. and i have the right to write what i want about myself… so i guess… no one can stop me…



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