Happy New Year~!

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Happy new year!!! =D

Lets hope 2011 will be a blast… especially if its gonna be the end of the world 2012… i better enjoy this year!! XD

Thanks all friends for being there for me when i need u all… u all know who u are… =p i’m not good in words and expressing myself… but just know that i’m happy, thankful and very very very lucky for friends like u ALL =)

Lets hope everyone’s dreams will come true… and lets see if i can get myself a boyfriend this year XD

thinking about it.. there seem to be very very very little guys in the field of work i hope i’ll be going into… so.. haha.. maybe i’ll just join cassie’s club XD hehehehe

Resolution for this year: Survive the remaining time in poly, enjoy life, and be truly happy…

lets hope my blog gets more cheerful! XD

shall not set unattainable resolutions like “i’m gonna lose weight” which i really want to.. just no motivation.. but now.. i need to lose weight for the dress i wanna fit into for CNY so that i dont look pregnant… XD hehe.. see.. this topic goes on and on for me.. lol

ok.. going to sleep.. now.. XD

Night everyone and Happy New Year!!! =D


  1. minquan says:

    haha, cassie will be glad to noe she got one more member (;

  2. cassie says:

    haha! always expect the the most unexpected things to happen— minquan first to get married.

    Welcome to my club. the most we form our own elderly home and i will buy BINGO to play haha

  3. cassie says:

    i always see elderly play bingo.. sorry my club no mahjong. i don’t know how to play wahaha!

    • yisiew says:

      LOL! learn how to play laaa!!! i teach u! XD mahjong is good for preventing dementia XD

      • minquan says:

        EHHH!!! why our club must be the typical old maid club leh? Why cannot be the glam bachelorette club? I wanna go cruising and clubbing even though I reach 60. Ans I swear I’ll go for manis, pedis, facial…heck, even plastic surgery to get rid of the saggy skin. We must be like ginger, old but hot ok!?!?!?!?!

  4. yisiew says:

    HAHAHA!! Min Quan! I like ur idea!!!! =D onz! XD

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