A new journey…

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve enrolled into Cosmoprof today… kinda exciting.. and nervous at the same time..

keep thinking.. so would this be a good choice for me?

will i waste that money…

what if i flunk?

well i guess… we gotta try it out before we know anything right…

today had a happy day shopping with sis!

and i saw JJ Lin Jun Jie!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE ITTTT!!!

we actually wanted to u-turn out seeing so many ppl inside.. then i hear his voice.. then straight away walk back in… gosh.. he looks so cute!!! XD



i realised i like ppl who can sing more.. rather then pay attention on solely on their looks…

like looks only one.. very fast dont like already.. hahaha



lets hope this happy mood get carried forward to tmr too! =D

bye~ =)

  1. minquan says:

    u can do it de!!!! be the next bobbi brown!! or laura mercier!! or anna sui…so whoever!!! hahaha :DDD believe in yourself :DDD
    p.s. amirah and cassie will badly need your service on their wedding night. take it as a favor to their husband-to-be 😉

  2. yisiew says:

    LOLLLLLL haha.. XD thanks min quan! =)

    • SY says:

      Yah! Must jia you! I can be your model! Just want to look pretty actually. Haha! Your brand shall the char siew bao! Char siew bao mascara… Char siew bao lipgloss. xD So authentic!

      • minquan says:

        eeeeek!!! sy, wat kind of name is that?!?!?!?!??! imagine you step into sephora and see a char siew bar!!!!

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