panic attack

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

As the thought of sch coming nearer and nearer… i… cant help but feel that panic rising… its disturbing… cant help but start thinking.. is this for me? and i doing the right thing? will i fail? what if the things others says about me not succeeding becomes true? what if.. what if.. too many what if…

i think there is something wrong with me.. cant stand why i keep thinking negative thoughts… life made me negative.. the original positive girl now becomes more and more negative… sigh…

work… has been weird… because the batch two family is not with me.. so.. how can i feel at ease? i think i need some time before i will feel a part of them again.. lets hope things get better as time passes…

and i freaking wanna lose weight! XD random right? XD

and i wanna cut hair! but i need to lose weight first…

and i wanna a tattoo… but pls refer to the above…

so.. in the end.. if i cant lose weight.. then i cant do the above two.. means.. arggghhh..

lets hope the sports complex near my house opens soon.. then i can start gymming.. XD

really.. i think i dont really like swimming… dont like the feel of being submerged and unable to breathe…

sigh… since life is overwhelming already.. making ppl unable to breathe.. why should i enter a condition where i cant breathe.. make sense right?


  1. minquan says:

    ehhh…wat does getting a tattoo and cutting your hair got to do with losing weight??

  2. yisiew says:

    haha.. its about the full body image thingy.. XD i’m a perfectionist when it comes to image.. so.. lol…

  3. SY says:

    Have some confidence in yourself! You haven’t even try yet!

  4. yisiew says:

    thank you thank you! =)

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