not dreading =)

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I thought i may dread class because of the “scary” ppl.. but i guess some ppl (especially older human beings) just take long to warm up…

class is getting fun-ner (ha ha) XD

i learning more things.. although i still detest thick make up despite me piling stuff on my face daily… that foundation layer applied today… is way too thick for my liking… lol.. blah blah blah.. i guess i’ll like talk about make up here… soon… i may just open a make up blog.. haha who is for the idea?

I realised something about me…

when i like someone.. i will find out about the person (stalk… fine…i’m a stalker… XD) until i know that even though the person is irritating… i still like the person… so if any acts irritate me… then i’ll stop liking the person… havent have a bf yet.. so i dunno about real life situation… but this is very very accurate for the fan girl side of me… XD and i’m like in major fan girl mode now.. MAJOR… XD


alright… this ought to lift my mood… i really maybe suffering from bipolar la! my mood fluctuate like no body’s business.. lol


  1. SY says:

    Help me think of eyes makeup lei, for my event. heehee, i think you can come around 3, if i can beg them to let me go out. lol.

  2. Peiqi says:

    We should all go to you for makeup consultation for the graduation night!! lol. Do open a makeup blog!

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