Archive for April, 2011

lol… dunno what to write for a title… but really my life is nothing near exciting… except that i’m causing ppl to have wounds, like knife wounds and gun-shot wound (although i havent seen one before) lol…

i’ve been tired much these few days but feels good since i receive my first pay… nothing beats first pay right? lol

but oh well.. gonna try out new things… i guess i will start my make up blog thingy after i finish sch… that time is should be more free… it’ll be nice right? lol.. dont even think i will succeed.. and very much likely the ppl reading that blog would be all friends… hahahhaa…

currently crazy about one guy.. lol… someone i can never get hold of.. and can only remain a fan girl… dont be surprise… cause i also can be a fan girl XD

why dont they come to singapore? sigh… and i wanna travel the world!!!!

really nua-ed the whole day today…

running out of things to type.. lol.. see? with my limited words.. how to start a blog? lol hahahha

oh well..