Posted: June 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

is it one? i dont know… i just know that i wanna get myself out of this situation… can i? will i?

i think i’m going crazy down here… theres just so many things that i want to say but cant say…

how i wish there would be someone who would see me and understand what i’m thinking… because theres just no way i can express it with words already…

if this goes on longer.. i think i’m really gonna cry…


will i get back to the me i used to be? cant u see how unhappy i am there? cant you see that i’m no longer the same? cant u see that my smiles are so forced? cant you see that i’m frowning more that smiling? cant u see? wont u see?


i really dont want to fall asleep because that would mean that tmr would come sooner…

can i just sleep and not wake up? like forever? can i?




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