Posted: July 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

It seems that i think the most at night.. no wonder i almost always have dreams when i sleep…

last night’s dream was so weird because it was so real… but something i hope will not come true.. not a nightmare.. but just damn weird…

its seems that recently i have more and more things i wanna say but got no place to express… or got things to say but dunno how to say…

this kind of feeling is completely unpleasant..

sometimes i think that i’m lying to myself that by acting blur everything will be alright…

sigh… i’m not making sense again…

just so confused.. there seems to be so many thoughts but i can never put it into words… sometimes i dont even know what i’m thinking at all… its frustrating…


i guess i shall just go sleep..


sorry if u think that u wasted ur time reading this post… XD



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