Posted: July 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

after so long there is still no reply… i keep having the feel that things will go wrong at this point of my life…

not a good feeling… easily irritated and everything… is it wrong for me to have the urge to be alone? once i’m alone i seem to crave more alone time… my emotions are so unstable now i dont know how i would feel next…

the worst part is that i dont know what the heck is happening to me…

whats wrong now?

can someone tell me whats wrong now?

when can i be sure of myself and stop being so useless?

i find myself useless so many times… but i just got no energy to go forward and do more….

why is that so?

what is happening to me?

all excuses… what is it leading to?

oh gosh oh gosh?

am i facing an identity crisis? should i even be in this stage yet? isnt it too early?



  1. SY says:

    Identity crisis happen to teens what not meh? So it’s just nice, albeit a lil late… XD Cheer up CHAR SIEW BAO!

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