Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

How cool is this? Blogging with my phone XD

Today a bit sian.. Cause alone in the office with the interns.. Lol.. Can u believe? I’m blogging about everyday life.: lol XD

Sigh.. I think I’m obsessed now… Really crazy.. I think this is first time man.. Hopefully will not happen again because i think it’s gonna last quite long.. XD don’t ask me what if u dunno what I talking about cause I think it’s embarrassing because its absolutely not ‘me’ absolutely absolutely not me XD but oh well… Hehe

I think since I’m entering a new stage of me life.. and I can’t find a job… I shall make use of me time better… Starting Monday XD… I shall start up that beauty blog of mine Which I haven’t started… XD stay tune! And I think I’m gonna be thick skin enough to ask every one to support me.. XD and I think it’s gonna be damn weird.. Hahaha absolutely…

Shall try not to discourage myself too much… really hope that I can stop being in this depress mode.. Cause if not I’m gonna start hating myself!!!

Jia you ba! Maybe I’m fated to follow my dad’s footsteps and be my own boss XD



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