The end… ?

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Is it me or things seems to turn ugly towards the end? Can’t human beings be more straight forward… If ppl voice out early wouldn’t problems be solved? Why does it have to turn ugly before anyone voice out?

What is wrong with the human species exactly? Or do I just not understand anymore? Am I the one also starting to have problems and change?

Sometimes all that bitter comments make me think what exactly are ppl saying bout me when I’m not there..

Why am I so affected? Sigh.. Always at this point of time I wanna get out of the place…

Maybe being a monster is better then a human.. Oh well.. Reading too much Anita Blake… Sigh

Why am I even like this? Maybe I’m just too tired already.. Tired of being tied down at a single place… So tired.. Yet I’m only trapped.. And I can do nothing about it… Sigh

Who knows how will this end?



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