Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m so tired I feel like crying…

I dot think I can go on like this any longer…I feel so drained…

it’s so damn easy for me to feel that I don’t belong… When I try to create something to make me feel more at home… I have someone take it away from me…

Such a small thing yet I’m so affected… What is becoming of me?

I need symbols to signify my existence, but if I’m not even allowed or given the chance to do that… When can I feel belonged? Don’t expect me to stay if I don’t think i belong..

And i freaking can’t multi task… so I’m not going to do this for long…

If not… I see a break down coming very soon..

The thought that I’m nearing home and I need t start on my second job makes me tired and wanna cry.. I was already starting to tear.. Can u believe it?

I’m tired…

Really really tired…


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