2nd post of the day…

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve got nothing to do on the train… Don’t really wanna look at humans for a while… I guess I only get tired after I sit down and rest… Lol… No good…

Basically… First half of the day sucked big time… I almost cried when eating lunch la!!! Maybe because I hated the confusion… So much that I missed DiD… The times where I know what I’m doing and am in charge… Really hated being helpless… Alone…

After that… Realized I gotta work… Pretty much thrown into the deep end… Like really… But it was fun… At least interesting enough that I forgot the time… Didn’t even know I could go already… Lol

I guess this is a post in a very long time where I talk about my day right? Lol…

Now I shall replenish my energy and let’s hope time passes as fast tmr… XD



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