Posted: November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why am I typing a blog post on the bus? Lol… Just feel… Maybe a bit too overwhelmed.. Too much info… Hearing things from so many new ppl… I think my brain is in overdrive…

But it just dawned on me today… That when I’m here listening to lessons about the skin… Products and my friends are out there learning psychology… But sometimes I think… I’m applying my own knowledge of psychology on my daily life as well… It becomes something so natural to me… Maybe I won’t be giving myself he chance to go on and learn more… But whatever I learnt in pcs? It’s surely applicable in my daily life.

Not that I’m quoting theories now and then (well sometimes I do feel like doing it XD) but… Small nitty gritties…. Things and actions that leads me to think and use my psycho knowledge… So… Does psychology actually make u a better sales person unconsciously? Maybe? Maybe not? Or maybe to just all common sense.. Lol…

But why am I writing such a reflective post? I dunno… Maybe it’s because I’ve got chosen to ‘present’ a sales role play today… Or maybe because I hear the stories from the foreigners in my class talk about their lives.. About them coming to Singapore to work.. And me realizing that maybe they are just not bad like what the other Singaporeans say they are.. Or maybe just listening to then i realize that racism, stereotypes, prejudices are just human nature… No one taught them to think like that… Isn’t that a human nature?

Then my next question is why? I guess it can never be answered… Let’s just e selfish over here and let me hope that no such human problems will happen for me… Let everything be alright… Sometimes surviving is the key right? Since this is why I wanna do.. I’m gonna do it right…

Oh well… random note… Should I let my brain rest and cram in the train tmr? I’m feeling lazy… Hehe XD



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