A break…

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I need to take a break… So I deactivated Facebook…. And unfollowed almost everyone on twitter… I think I need to wallow in my own sadness for a while…. Just like an animal hiding when he is about to die… I hope all these would be helpful to me…

Too disappointed with mankind. Too disappointed with humans…. I guess my wish to grow and learn is pushed down by my wish to leave the place… I should have asked for more time to think… I should have stood strong… I should have… Sigh…

At least this regret can be corrected in the near future… But hopefully my explosion will not occur so soon….

I can only close my eyes, and ears… And heart… If only….

Why do I always seem to be in a relationship with someone when I’m not…. Stay because of u… Why?

How to make my life easier… Learning and really grown up is hard…. Is very very hard…. Why do I always have to take it the hard way? Can’t I take easier steps to see the light?

I would like to disappear…




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