Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Is she really the cause? Why is it always that when u treat someone wholeheartedly, it gets twisted and turned into something totally negative?

I’m not dishing for compliments but sometimes I just need some assurance… It’s as simple as that… Don’t make me into someone I’m not…

When u are hated… Others concern would become like pity… I guess this is the lowest period I can get… It seems that time and again, I will be thrown into a period of lowest that is lower then my previous lowest moment… Life is vicious isn’t it?

Sometimes to care and have the energy to carry on living is difficult…

It’s always when there is a lot of ppl around me when I feel the most lonely… Escaping into a world I create myself is so much more fun and enjoyable… But unfortunately… I’m too tired mentally and physically to create a world to contain me…. It’s became a chore to just exist… Can’t ppl just accept someone for who they are.. Is all the hate and jealousy necessary…

Am I really a threat to ppl or am I just a nuisance… I find that I’m just useless… What is so good about me… Seriously… I’m just like the others… Wrong.. Maybe I’m not even better than others…

It’s damn tiring to anticipate ppl talking about u whenever something happen.. It’s not that I want it.. Do u think I have the control over these things… It’s never me but why is all the fault on me… Am I just so easy to blame? Am I ?

Would I need to encounter that throughout my life?


I’m tired…

Someone bring me away from all these…


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