Drink drank emo…

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

It seems that every time after drinking.. I’ll be so much more emo..

It’s is the time I think of so near yet is far…

And all the what ifs and why not… And the tendency to want participate in risk taking behaviors…

Not a good thing.. But a great way to train my self control…

Been thinking… Is it the way I behave around guys that is different… Or is it just me wanting to get attention? Kinda find myself getting despo… Not a good sign… Lol…

I still remember some one asked me this before… ‘Ur sis and bro getting married one after another. Won’t u feel panicky or pressured to get married too?’

I said no outright… But thinking back.. I don’t need to get married.. At least for now.. But it would be nice to be in a relationship… It’s not about the marriage.. But more about the relationship…

When is it my turn?


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