The stars are singing

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Its late… i havent been writing here for a long time… I guess my fingers are itching to go and my emotions looking for somewhere to hide.

It doesn’t seem like i need to vent… or theres anything upsetting me… but sometimes.. u just cant help but feel a bit lost.

I think my eyes are getting more sensitive lately… and my chest clutch too easily from emotions i dont know about… it happens doesnt it.. sometimes… in the middle of the night.. where you are just reading.. thinking.. wondering… and when the tears fall, you just dont know why…

Its like, the things you read so happen to tug on the right heart string.

Its like, the story that was written expose your inner emotions so well

Its like, the characters that were given life understood everything about you.

but day after day, i go on neglecting my emotions… hiding my thoughts and thinking my actions through…

I think as i grow older, these things get hidden… way deeper than it used to… at the same time, these thing want to break free so much more than it used to…

But they probably remained locked in… probably… until one day… maybe one day…

Who knows…


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